Stainless Steel Strippable Shims

Strippable Shim

The strippable shim is also named layer torn shim, torn shim, manual torn shim, lamination shim, multi-layer shim and adjustable shim.  

All mechanically processed parts involve mechanical tolerance. During the complicated assembly of parts, unforeseeable and avoidable tolerance clearance is found after the assembly process is completed. Improper assembly may cause serious wear and serious mechanical failure at the beginning of the period. Argosy XAC’s advanced solution to this issue is the strippable shim.

  • Timeliness-directly adjust according to measurement clearance, immediately select clearance thickness without production interruption
  • High-efficiency-quick operation, without any special tools required, and utility knife is used to strip
  • Perfection-match assembling requirements completely, and ensure production precision
  • Proper time-adjust at the production site properly, without affecting production, and save a lot of labors and time
  • Portability-applicable for field operation and portable

Markets & Applications
  • Aviation and space
  • Metallurgy
  • food machinery and equipment
  • mining equipment
  • engineering equipment
  • ocean engineering
  • Express railway trains
  • metro trims
  • train head buffering and energy absorption device
  • high-end building curtain wall
  • shelter body
  • paraboloid antenna
  • electronic shield
  • workshop cleaning room
  • rectification control
  • high-speed road barrier
  • elevator floor and side boards

Strippable Shim

Strippable shim uses a cementation and solidifying process. Aluminum pieces of a certain quantity and the same thickness are adhered and solidified and are made into shapes required by the mechanical process. The great feature is to strip it into the thickness required for use.

The strippable shim can be processed into shapes and any thickness upon need. Compared with the usual fixed shim, it avoids filing processing, shortens THE manufacturing cycle and improves labor conditions.

Strippable Shim

wdt_ID Specifications Shim Thickness Base Thickness Aluminum foil thickness Material Model Surface Treatment Dimensions

Supply of Strippable Shim

AXAC provides standard plate material with a maximum size of 900*1500mm. It is the maximum plate size available in the industry, which avoids issues of joining or splitting large sizes and ensures structural integrity; according to customers’ drawings and specific requirements. Thickness can be adjusted according to what is required.

Short supply cycle, delivered within 20 days in China, and quality is guaranteed. The Company provides strippable shims composed of foils from 0.03 to 0.1mm, and strippable shims made from base materials.