Honeycomb core is made of aluminum foil of series 5000

Aerospace Aluminum Honeycomb core is made of 5000 series aluminum foil. It is a honeycomb laminate board which is high strength and lightweight and anti-corrosive. Phosphoric acid anodizing or chrome acid conversion protection coatings is applied to aluminum foil and the honeycomb is protected against corrosion. Forms of products provided by Argosy include honeycomb block, machine core and unfolded sliced core. 

Available Formats
  • Honeycomb Block
  • Machine Core
  • Unfolded Sliced Core

Key Advantages
  • High Strength
  • Light Weight
  • Anti-corrosion

Product Applications
  • High-speed Rail
  • Satellite solar array lamination structure
  • Energy absorption and buffering structure
  • Aircraft Floor
  • Cross Wall
  • Vertical Fin
  • Other composite material sandwich structures

Design Capability
Aluminum foil thickness (mm)
Core cell side length (mm)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
Surface treatment
Phosphoric acid anodizing or conversion coating
Thickness of honeycomb core slicer (mm)
3-300, tolerance +/-0.1
Width L and length W (mm) of unexpanded honeycomb:
Standard Size 1220*2440 or tailored by clients

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