ODB Frontal Impact Barrier

Offset Deformable Barrier - EEVC-WG11

Based on aluminum honeycomb technology, the AXAC frontal offset barrier (developed under EEVC-WG11) is used by car manufacturers and test laboratories worldwide for the assessment of motor vehicle passenger protection in frontal-offset collisions.

The frontal-offset impact replicates a collision with another vehicle. In this test, 40% of the test vehicle, on the driver’s side, initially makes contact with a crushable aluminum honeycomb barrier at the impact speed defined by the standards requirements.


The AXAC Offset Deformable Barrier is certified for frontal occupant protection such as:

  • Europe – UN-R94 & ECE 96/79/EC
  • China – GB 20913-2007
  • USA – FMVSS 208
  • Japan – TRIAS 47-5
  • lndia – AIS-098/F
  • Australia – ADR 73/00

The AXAC Offset Deformable Barrier is certified for frontal NCAP tests such as:

  • Euro – NCAP
  • China – NCAP
  • USA – IIHS
  • Japan – NCAP
  • Korea – NCAP
  • Latin – NCAP, Asean – NCAP, Australia – NCAP

The AXAC Offset Deformable Barrier is approved by IIHS. IIHS will accept verification tests from car makers using ARGOSY Offset Deformable Barriers.

Technical Properties

Main Honeycomb Block – Aluminum 3003
650 x 1000 x 450 mm
Crush strength of 0.342 MPa +0/-10%

Bumper Element Block – Aluminum 3003
330 x 1000 x 90 mm
Crushstrength of 1 .711 MPa +0/-10%

Backing Sheet – Aluminum 5251/5052
H 800 x W 1000mm

Cladding Sheet – Aluminum 5251/5052
H 1700 x W 1000mm
T 0.81 mm

Bumper Facing Sheet – Aluminum 5251/5052
H 330 x W 1000mm
T 0.81 mm


Technical Properties

Technical Specifications

The AXAC Offset Deformable Barriers are manufactured according to UNECE-R94 – European directive 96/79/EC, NHTSA TP-208-13 and fulfill the test procedure given in NHTSA TP-214D.


AXAC has an approved IS09001 Quality Management System, which demonstrates commitment to supplying customers with the highest quality products and services.

  • Certificate of Conformity provided with the AXAC Offset Deformable Barrier
  • Individual cardboard crate
  • Anti-reflective paint as standard
    • Blue anti-reflective paint as standard for Europe & Asia
    • Light grey anti-reflective paint standard for North America
    • Customized painting available